Suidplaas Dohnes celebrated 50 years in the Dohne industry at their August 2022 auction. Partners and friends who have been part of the Suidplaas journey joined the event, to toast the Dohne industry and ‘Oom’ Jan du Toit, Wynand du Toit’s father, who started the stud in 1972.

The auction also highlighted the incredible value of Dohnes – with the top ram, Lot 1, selling for R80 000 to Jan and Jaco Schoonwinkel of the farm Swartsdam outside Swellendam. The average price of the Suidplaas Dohne rams amounted to R18 263 on the day.

From the left: Frans Hugo (Area Manager OVK: South and Western Cape), JG du Toit (OVK Swellendam), Jan Schoonwinkel, Jaco Schoonwinkel (Swartsdam Farm), Wynand du Toit (Suidplaas Dohnes, seller), Marshell (Manners) Afrika (Suidplaas Dohnes Ram Manager), Kobus Delport (Manager: Dohne Merino Society of South Africa)


– The average price of the 400 ewes, which came to R3 102

– The most rams were bought by Jireh Boerdery (Piet Willemse) from Riversdal

– The second highest ram (Lot 30) was sold to Abrie de Wet of Caledon GVA Boerdery for R75 000.

According to Wynand, “I’ve been on the farm for 32 years – and it’s been an honour to meet and work alongside everyone in the Dohne industry. You’ve not only been partners and clients, but you’ve become friends along the way.”

50 years of standout moments 

Wynand looked back on the family’s 50 years working with Dohnes – and his own lessons learnt during his time on Klipbankskloof farm, the home of Suidplaas. He said, “The Dohne race really exploded in the mid 1980s and 90s. In fact, in 1987, our top ram sold for R14 000. At that time, a Toyota Hilux bakkie cost R12 000 – so that shows you the comparison.”

Wynand moved back to the farm from his compulsory service in the army in 1988, to work with his father. “I’ll never forget: my father sent me to the national Bloemfontein auction to represent Suidplaas in 1988, to buy a ram. At the auction, I listened to what those around me were saying and what they were bidding on, and I bought a ram for R8 000. But when I brought it home, my dad told me it was a terrible ram, because it had no ‘pens’. I had to learn quickly.”

He said, “I had two and a half years to farm with my father on the farm. Those were very important years for me.” Oom Jan died in 1991.

An Aussie-South African tie-up

Among the stud’s achievements, Wynand highlighted the joint venture with Australian Dohne stud, Mount Alma. Dohne expert Cameron McMaster introduced him to the Ashby family in Australia in 1994. “We’ve been over to Australia numerous times, and we put the bloodlines together. Mount Alma has never introduced any other genetics other than Suidplaas to their stud. And they’ve had the highest ram price in Australia six times since then.”

Locally, Suidplaas has attained the South African record price five times, and the world record price twice since 2003, when the stud hosted its first auction. Suidplaas Dohnes has also been awarded the South Africa Breeder of the Year on four occasions since 2000.

Madré du Toit, Wynand’s wife, said of Wynand and the Suidplaas stud: “In 1988 Wynand took the baton from his father. And today I’m sure Oom Jan looks down to see the success of the stud with pride. Wynand’s love for the race drives him. He gives and lends rams where he can, and that passion for Dohnes is clear to see.” 


She also thanked some of the most important people during Suidplaas’s 50 years, including Cameron McMaster and Henry Londt – who both did much to improve the race over the decades. Both have since passed away. The donors were thanked for their incredible support over the years. And OVK’s Stephan van der Westhuizen also received special mention. According to Madré, “Stephan is the stud. This is as much Stephan’s day as it is Suidplaas’s day.”


(Highest-selling ram)


Body Weight 12 Mts: 5.1205

Clean Fleece Weight: 0.3699

Fibre Diameter: -1.1557

General Merit: 22.68

R80 000

LOT 30

(Second highest-selling ram)


Body Weight 12 Mts: 2.6934

Clean Fleece Weight: 0.2849

Fibre Diameter: -1.3965

General Merit: 16.9500

R75 000

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Wynand du Toit

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  028 425 1625
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Wynand du Toit

  082 550 1242
  028 425 1625
  Posbus 4, Protem, 7281